Vision App Design

vision logo-01

Vision: Create anywhere, anytime.

The purpose of Vision is to use your phone’s camera to see into a new world where you can draw, imbed images, and share your thoughts. Each post is location based, and stays there for up to one day. Everyone can see what you post, or you can limit it to just your friends. This app seeks to solve the issues of illegal defacing by being able to draw where ever you want virtually. This app could make the world a more colorful place.

Here are some wireframes that I produced early on in Vision’s inception.

Screenshot 2017-03-28 11.13.40

Vision evolved into the following:
Vision is an app designed for a course at SPU. Vision is a VR social media app that allows you to look through your phone’s camera like a lens to see what others have posted. When you post your content, it “hangs” in the space where camera is pointing. Additionally, Vision allows you to change what you want to see via filters. You can choose to only see photos, videos, text posts, or any combination of the three. You can also set an “appraisal discrepancy” which will only allow you to see posts that have been liked above a number of your choosing. Finally, you can create custom filters and invite your friends. These filters allow you to only see what your friends have posted in them, and nothing else.

I learned many things while designing this app. One thing that I learned is that creating an idea for an app can be easier than designing it. I came up with my idea relatively quickly, but designing the screens and trying to figure out how the VR portion of my app would work was difficult for me.

I originally wanted it to be heavily focused on VR, but ended up having a map overview that you could hone in on to see the VR portion simply because me and my fellow students thought it would be difficult to see where you were going with floating messages everywhere. One thing that I would have done differently is refocus my app on just doing graffiti. I wanted Vision to be more inclusive, but instead I think it turned out to be bland, and similar to other social medias on the current market. I think re creating an app just for graffiti would be more exciting, and an easier way to invade the social media market later down the line.

Here are some of my final screens. 2